Sunday, December 17, 2006

In Post Video Bar

This afternoon, one of our customers asked how to place a Video Bar in the middle of his post content... Turns out that this is not as simple as it sounds since blogging platforms tend to block script tags sitting withing a post body. There are other ways to solve this problem though. I choose a pretty lazy approach and will probably do something a bit more element later... I just created an anchor tag with a javascript URL that calls a new function that ends up dynamicly extending the post with a video bar. The downside of this approach is that you have to click something to make the video bar show up.

The code to do this is pretty trivial... I just add this to a template that already has a video bar and then create a javascript url to call it.

The Code:

function inPostVideoBar(barDivName, searchExpression) {
// video bar
var vbOptions = {
largeResultSet : false,
master : videoSearch,
horizontal : true
var vb = new GSvideoBar(document.getElementById(barDivName),
null, vbOptions);

The Call:

<div id="vb1">
<a href="javascript:inPostVideoBar('vb1', 'vw gti');">
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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I tried to add ajax search like in the template you gave.
    It is just showing Loading.... which you wrote in the template.
    Its not loading the controls.
    do we have to add an rsd tag or something like that?


  2. Blogger Jorge said...

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  3. Blogger shaun murray said...

    i am not a programmer, but i get around a PC and its software well. i am confused on how to expand the width of my template? i would like it to take up the page or something, maybe even "shrink" the map so that it fits clean in the side bar. is there any assistance i can get?
    thank you


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  6. Blogger seodigger said...

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    i spend a day to find out what wrong with the googlevideo gadget.. but seem it not sussess. it break my web layout.. look terible..
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    it work with other embed object .. but seem the "div" style of google video break them all.. the right colume not stay at the right position .. ( it work normaly on firefox ) not work on IE ??
    please email me binhaus@yahoo.com or pm for any information
    thank verymuch

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